What am I reading?

Willy Wonka meets The Matrix

I’ve been meaning to read Ready Player One  for nearly a year and finally started it at the weekend.

This means that I probably brought to it a fairly high amount of anticipation and high expectations. I have to be honest, the first three chapters have been disappointing.

Wade is a teenage boy living in a dystopia where the world has nearly run out of natural resources.  Like the rest of civilization, he spends the majority of his time in the Oasis, a virtual community

The lines of distinction between a person’s real identity and that of their avatar began to blur.

It was the dawn of a new era, one where most of the human race spent all of their free time inside a videogame.

Wade is a ‘gunter’, somebody who spends their time trying to solve cryptic clues, hunting the easter egg hidden by Halliday, the dead creator of the Oasis.  If he can do this, he will inherit Halliday’s extensive fortune.